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Sitebuddyz new website launched

Our new Sitebuddyz website has launched!

You may have noticed that the Sitebuddyz website has had a bit of a make over.

Our new site brings together all the Sitebuddyz products in one place: from the award-winning Cladman and Flush-Joints, to our new CladeBlades range, Flush Dowels and the Drill-CSK Combo.

Our goal is to make it as easy as possible for you to get your hands on top-quality specialist tools that you won’t find anywhere else. 

We've introduced free shipping on any order to the UK or US of £100 or more (or $USD equivalent) and we're also subsiding shipping to other markets. You can read more on our Shipping page.

We've also launched a new part of the site called CladHacks. This is where James - our founder and inventor of the Sitebuddyz range of tools - will share the top tips, tricks and hacks he's picked up over 30 years. 

Hopefully this will become a useful resource for DIY cladders and pro installers alike, and help people complete jobs to even higher standards. CladHacks is, of course, completely free. You can also see all the films over on our YouTube Channel

You'll have to forgive some of the audio and video quality - James and his crew are far better cladders than they are filmmakers! 

Our ongoing dream at Sitebuddyz is to become the world’s most trusted one-stop-shop for specialist cladding tools that you can’t find anywhere else. We’ll keep on inventing and sourcing tools as we see problems to solve, and we’d love to hear your feedback - you can reach us at

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