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Precision drilling jig that ensures accurate joints on timber and cement boards and future proofs against storm damage. Comes complete with protective case included. 

  • Stable, reliable and repeatable joints every time
  • No more guesswork - perfectly centred holes and adjustable depth
  • Creates an ‘endless board’ by allowing multiple boards to be butt-joined before fitting
  • Avoids board movement, gaps and joint shadows which spoil overall look
  • Reduces off-cuts and wastage by 15%
  • Suitable for timber and cement boards
  • Adapts to any board thickness from 8-40mm 

Download the Flush-Joints instruction manual and user guide.

Product Features

Complete Flush-Dowels set includes:

  • 1 wood bit 3mm
  • 1 wood bit 6mm
  • 1x 2mm carbon-tipped drill bit long-life fibre cement drilling (recommended for 9mm James Hardie boards)
  • 1x 3mm drill bit (recommended for 11mm Cedral fibre cement weatherboards)
  • 1x dowel jig guide with 2mm, 3mm and 6mm drill guide bushes
  • Starter pack of 50 stainless steel Flush dowels
  • Protective foam-fitted storage case with storage solutions for dowels and drill bits.

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