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Jigsaw Blade - tungsten carbide

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  • 100mm specialist blade for cutting fibre cement weatherboard
  • Sold as Pack of 3 for £19.99
  • Made from tungsten carbide - the hardest metal - to give superior strength, durability and impact resistance
  • Fits all standard jigsaw power tools
  • Ideal for making intricate cuts to boards
  • Suitable for use on fibre cement boards


  • The CladBlades range is specifically designed for cladding jobs, where standard blades often struggle to handle popular materials such as fibre cement weatherboards
  • Traditional jigsaw blades often snap or quickly go blunt
  • Minimises potentially harmful cement dust with cleaner cut
  • James Gibbens, founder of Sitebuddyz, comments:

“For years I’ve struggled to get the clean
cuts needed to finish jobs to the really high standard I’m always aiming for.
Most standard blades on the market can’t handle the tougher materials and
either snap, go blunt really quickly, or produce an uneven cut that makes
joining boards together neatly problematic.

"That’s why I set about designing this
range of blades, using the highest quality materials and some innovations. The
feedback from customers who’ve been trialling them has been
superb. Hopefully we’ll see fewer blunt blades and less wastage of boards
as a result."

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