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Skill Builder's Roger Bisby meets Sitebuddyz

Skill Builder's Roger Bisby meets Sitebuddyz

A few years back Sitebuddyz was lucky enough to be featured by building expert Roger Bisby, who visited our founder and inventor of Sitebuddyz products, James Gibbens. A (slightly younger looking!) James gave Roger a tour of the Cladman and showed it in action on site.

Roger was kind enough to give the Cladman a full review which you can read here

Here are some of my favourite bits from Roger's review:

"I have done more than my fair share of cladding and weather boarding and for me it has always been a two man job. Nothing wrong with that, it is nice to work with someone and have a bit of banter but having one guy cutting the lengths while the other is fixing means you can fly through the job at three times the speed and the accuracy is assured.

"The Cladman is adjustable to suit different board widths but it is also able to handle different thickness’s. There are other devices on the market that will do the same job but there isn’t one that works with cement fibre boards and timber feather-edge."

Roger also made a a full film that featured on Skill Builder - check it out below.

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