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Sitebuddyz Cladman wins Pro Tool Innovation Award

Sitebuddyz Cladman wins Pro Tool Innovation Award

We're really proud that The Cladman has won a Pro Tools Innovation Award 2017.

Each year the Pro Tool Innovation Awards are judged by a panel of industry professionals who handle and use hundreds of new tools each year.

Here's what the Pro Tool Reviews’ Editor-in-Chief had to say about the Cladman,

“If I had a set of these when I was installing my siding, life would have been a lot easier.” What the Cladman does so well is take any kind of siding installation and make it a one-man job while maintaining outstanding accuracy. Just holding the siding would be helpful enough, but no-mar rollers also ensure that pre-finished or painted material doesn’t get marked up when you slide it in place. There’s also a level on each Cladman to ensure your placement is as level as it is accurate.”

You can read the full article here.

Thanks to the Pro Tool Reviews team for recognising the Cladman!

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